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    Update cookbook to work with Chef 17 (#38) · 88c7508d
    Dan Webb authored
    * Update cookbook to work with Chef 17
    - Release: Major
    - Increase the supported version of Chef to Chef 16
      This is inline with our support policies, allowing us to use the newest Chef features
    - Remove dependency on the deprecated Windows cookbook
    - Convert to modern custom resources
    - Remove the default recipe
    - Remove default_spec as we no longer have a default recipe
    - Use the Chef `execute` and `directory` resources rather than Ruby methods
    - Pull Windows helpers from the Windows cookbook and fix them to work in this cookbook
      As the Windows cookbook is no longer maintained many of the methods we used were depreacted
      in Ruby 2.7 but were never fixed. These methods have now been removed in Ruby 3.0
    - Move resource documentation to the documentation/resource directory.
    - Update README to refelect new usage
    * Stop lazily evaluating Ohai node attributes now we're using unifed_mode