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    [COOK-3608] Split `mail.*` facilities · f46584eb
    Eric G. Wolfe authored
    The split mail.* facilities in the `50-default.conf` template is a problem for me on mail servers.  This seems to be an opinionated addition to Debian-ish rsyslog defaults as shipped, however I retained that functionality on non-RHEL systems for cookbook backwards compatibility.
    The `50-default.conf` is very much geared towards Ubuntu/Debian. Which is not a huge problem, but the cookbook generates log files which will never get rotated on RHEL family, and probably other, systems.
    This adds a hash knob to allow log facilities and log destination to be rendered in the `50-default.conf` template for these two requirements.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSeth Vargo <sethvargo@gmail.com>
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