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    mod-ssl resource and testing (#589) · 2fcb45ec
    Dan Webb authored
    - Adds ssl and basic_site suites
    - Adds  testing & mod_ssl resource fixes
    - Adds CHANGELOG
    - Adds documentation for resources
    - Adds ssl and basic_site to CircleCI testing
    - Disable the default Ubuntu site
    - Update suite s and SSL Configuration
    - Fix ssl recipe to output correct cert and hello world page on CentOS
    - Use root_context to notify generate-module-list
    - Fix SSL site test: SSL Verify false
    - Set site name to
    - Add .envrc for automatic direnv switching
    - Removes the web_app resource
    We shouldn't be so prescriptive as to
    what the user can get from a site template.
    Instead lean on examples as to how to build a flexible template for
    This lowers the complexity of this cookbook significantly, and lowers
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