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      [#127] - Clean "headers" rather than "all" when setting up a repository. · 121da3b4
      Kieren Evans authored
      * "yum clean all" deletes any RPMs that have been cached locally, making repeated vagrant
      and vagrant-cachier VM provisioning take a lot longer than it should.
      * Add specs for the command change to test_repository_one_spec.
      * Remove existing command spec from test_repository_eight_spec as it's ambiguous. The command
      has already changed from the command listed, so chefspec could be verifying that the command
      was not called rather than the execute resource as a whole.
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      Accept prompts while fetching repo metadata · 8acc0653
      Simon Coffey authored
      With the new `repo_gpgcheck` attribute, a signing key can now be implicated in
      fetching the repository metadata. If this is a previously un-imported key, a
      prompt is generated by `yum makecache`, which fails in a chef run due to the
      non-interactive context. This results in the `yum_repository` resource failing
      if a previously un-imported key is used in tandem with `repo_gpgcheck = true`.
      Cookbook users should be responsible for ensuring that keys they refer to in
      their resources can be trusted, either by referring to keys at secure URLs, or
      by creating a local, trusted file using managed secrets, and referring
      directly to that.
      Therefore, add the `-y` flag to the `yum makecache` command, allowing repo
      metadata to be fetched without manual intervention.
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