Commit 06f7932e authored by Stan Cheng's avatar Stan Cheng

ensuring that the yum clean updates comes before the make cache

parent 9c36fc44
...@@ -46,8 +46,8 @@ action :create do ...@@ -46,8 +46,8 @@ action :create do
mode new_resource.mode mode new_resource.mode
variables(:config => new_resource) variables(:config => new_resource)
if new_resource.make_cache if new_resource.make_cache
notifies :run, "execute[yum-makecache-#{new_resource.repositoryid}]", :immediately
notifies :run, "execute[yum clean #{new_resource.repositoryid}]", :immediately notifies :run, "execute[yum clean #{new_resource.repositoryid}]", :immediately
notifies :run, "execute[yum-makecache-#{new_resource.repositoryid}]", :immediately
notifies :create, "ruby_block[yum-cache-reload-#{new_resource.repositoryid}]", :immediately notifies :create, "ruby_block[yum-cache-reload-#{new_resource.repositoryid}]", :immediately
end end
end end
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