Commit c43665d7 authored by Jonathan Hartman's avatar Jonathan Hartman Committed by Ben Abrams
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Delay the service restart until the end of the Chef run

There seems to be a race condition in the collector where, if it's restarted
while in the middle of registering, it can end up registering twice. Delaying
the restart until the end of the Chef run should help with that, as well as
limiting the total number of restarts if resources in a wrapper cookbook
are sending restart notifications for other things as well.
parent 77cd7f0f
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ action :configure do
cookbook 'sumologic-collector'
variables resource: new_resource
sensitive true
notifies :restart, 'service[sumo-collector]', :immediately unless new_resource.skip_restart
notifies :restart, new_resource unless new_resource.skip_restart
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