Commit 7e64b16b authored by Duc Ha's avatar Duc Ha Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #125 from SumoLogic/foodcritic-offenses

Fix Foodcritic offenses
parents c0389561 6e2e621f
......@@ -5,18 +5,11 @@ maintainer 'Sumo Logic'
maintainer_email ''
issues_url '' if respond_to?(:issues_url)
source_url '' if respond_to?(:source_url)
license 'Apache v2.0'
license 'Apache-2.0'
description 'Installs/Configures sumologic-collector'
long_description, ''))
version '1.2.20'
attribute 'sumologic/credentials/bag_name',
display_name: "Credentials bag name",
type: "string",
required: "required"
attribute 'sumologic/credentials/item_name',
display_name: "Credentials item name",
type: "string",
required: "required"
chef_version '>= 11' if respond_to?(:chef_version)
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