Commit 77cd7f0f authored by Jonathan Hartman's avatar Jonathan Hartman Committed by Ben Abrams
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Force Chef to use Systemd on platforms that support it

Otherwise, Chef manages the service by calling the init script directly. This
leaves Systemd out of sync and `service collector *` claiming the service has
crashed while `/etc/init.d/collector *` properly reports that it's running.

Also enables support in the service for the status and restart commands.
parent 7c189606
......@@ -150,6 +150,10 @@ def sumo_service(action = :nothing)
service_name 'collector' unless node['platform_family'] == 'windows'
retries new_resource.service_retries
retry_delay new_resource.service_retry_delay
supports status: true, restart: true
if Chef::Platform::ServiceHelpers.service_resource_providers.include?(:systemd)
provider Chef::Provider::Service::Systemd
action action
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