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Remote old section about TLSv1.3

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......@@ -96,35 +96,6 @@ fork of OpenSSL, which backports the Chacha20 and Poly1305 ciphers to OpenSSL
1.0.2, while keeping the dangerous legacy features (such as SSLv2 and EXPORT
ciphers) enabled.
### TLSv1.3 and the future of sslscan
Since the OpenSSL made the (very sensible) choice to remove support for legacy
and insecure protocols and ciphers, sslscan has relied on a fork of OpenSSL by
[Peter Mossmans]( which provided support
for both these legacy ciphers and newly added ciphers (such as ChaCha). However,
this fork of OpenSSL does not support TLSv1.3. To my knowledge there is no
version of OpenSSL which supports both the legacy crypto (SSLv2, EXPORT ciphers,
etc) and TLSv1.3 - which means that it is not possible to build sslscan with
support for both.
The primary goal of sslscan is to identify misconfigurations and security
weaknesses in the SSL configuration of a target system, so support for the
legacy ciphers and protocols is much more important than for the newer
(secure) protocols like TLSv1.3 - however over time this will change as
new vulnerabilities are found.
Supporting both SSLv2 an TLSv1.3 in sslscan would either require a fork of
OpenSSL with all the new code backported (which would be increasingly difficult
to maintain over time), or a complete rewrite of sslscan to not rely on the
OpenSSL library. This is not a project that I have the time available for
at present, and if I did, it would probably be a better investment of time
to work on one of the other SSL scanning tools, rather than starting from scratch.
As such, sslscan should be considered legacy. I will still maintain it as far
as I have time, but it is unlikely to ever support TLSv1.3, unless an OpenSSL
fork is created by someone else that supports this while maintaining the insecure
crypto that sslscan requires to be useful.
#### Statically linking a custom OpenSSL build
It is possible to ignore the OpenSSL system installation and ship your own
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