Commit d12c1ea3 authored by Tim Smith's avatar Tim Smith
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Be explicit about where emergency messages are going for rsyslog v8

* is deprecated in rsyslog.  Version 8 throws warning messages at boot with this old format
parent ef7fa23e
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ when 'rhel', 'fedora'
'authpriv.*' => "#{node['rsyslog']['default_log_dir']}/secure",
'mail.*' => "-#{node['rsyslog']['default_log_dir']}/maillog",
'cron.*' => "#{node['rsyslog']['default_log_dir']}/cron",
'*.emerg' => '*',
'*.emerg' => ':omusrmsg:*',
'uucp,news.crit' => "#{node['rsyslog']['default_log_dir']}/spooler",
'local7.*' => "#{node['rsyslog']['default_log_dir']}/boot.log"
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