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......@@ -140,14 +140,11 @@ Use `recipe[rsyslog::client]` to have nodes log to a remote server (which is fou
Use `recipe[rsyslog::server]` to set up a rsyslog server. It will listen on `node['rsyslog']['port']` protocol `node['rsyslog']['protocol']`.
<<<<<<< HEAD
If you set up a different kind of centralized loghost (syslog-ng, graylog2, logstash, etc), you can still send log messages to it as long as the port and protocol match up with the server software. See __Examples__
Use `rsyslog_file_input` within your recipes to forward log files to
your remote syslog server.
>>>>>>> add file_input lwrp
### Examples
A `base` role (e.g., roles/base.rb), applied to all nodes so they are syslog clients:
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