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Merge pull request #130 from aivaraslaimikis/rsyslog-package-name

rsyslog package name
parents 3df1b40c d0f20586
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ See `attributes/default.rb` for default values.
- `node['rsyslog']['dir_create_mode']` - Mode that should be set when creating log directories
- `node['rsyslog']['umask']` - Specify the processes umask
- `node['rsyslog']['defaults_file']` - The full path to the defaults/sysconfig file for the service.
- `node['rsyslog']['package_name']` - Specify rsyslog package name
- `node['rsyslog']['service_name']` - The platform-specific name of the service
- `node['rsyslog']['preserve_fqdn']` - Value of the `$PreserveFQDN` configuration directive in `/etc/rsyslog.conf`. Default is 'off' for compatibility purposes.
- `node['rsyslog']['high_precision_timestamps']` - Enable high precision timestamps, instead of the "old style" format. Default is 'false'.
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ default['rsyslog']['additional_directives'] = {}
default['rsyslog']['templates'] = %w()
# The most likely platform-specific attributes
default['rsyslog']['package_name'] = 'rsyslog'
default['rsyslog']['service_name'] = 'rsyslog'
default['rsyslog']['user'] = 'root'
default['rsyslog']['group'] = 'adm'
......@@ -17,12 +17,12 @@
# limitations under the License.
package 'rsyslog'
package 'rsyslog-relp' if node['rsyslog']['use_relp']
package node['rsyslog']['package_name']
package "#{node['rsyslog']['package_name']}-relp" if node['rsyslog']['use_relp']
if node['rsyslog']['enable_tls'] && node['rsyslog']['tls_ca_file']
raise "Recipe rsyslog::default can not use 'enable_tls' with protocol '#{node['rsyslog']['protocol']}' (requires 'tcp')" unless node['rsyslog']['protocol'] == 'tcp'
package 'rsyslog-gnutls'
package "#{node['rsyslog']['package_name']}-gnutls"
directory "#{node['rsyslog']['config_prefix']}/rsyslog.d" do
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