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Merge pull request #148 from secmff/client_mode

Follow the attributes permissions
parents e34d3421 e8d02390
...@@ -53,9 +53,9 @@ else ...@@ -53,9 +53,9 @@ else
remote_type = node['rsyslog']['use_relp'] ? 'relp' : 'remote' remote_type = node['rsyslog']['use_relp'] ? 'relp' : 'remote'
template "#{node['rsyslog']['config_prefix']}/rsyslog.d/49-remote.conf" do template "#{node['rsyslog']['config_prefix']}/rsyslog.d/49-remote.conf" do
source "49-#{remote_type}.conf.erb" source "49-#{remote_type}.conf.erb"
owner 'root' owner node['rsyslog']['config_files']['owner']
group 'root' group node['rsyslog']['config_files']['group']
mode '0644' mode node['rsyslog']['config_files']['mode']
variables(servers: rsyslog_servers) variables(servers: rsyslog_servers)
notifies :run, 'execute[validate_config]' notifies :run, 'execute[validate_config]'
notifies :restart, "service[#{node['rsyslog']['service_name']}]" notifies :restart, "service[#{node['rsyslog']['service_name']}]"
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