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Commit 654dd34a authored by Tim Smith's avatar Tim Smith

Remove RHEL 5 spec

Signed-off-by: default avatarTim Smith <>
parent 27528f6f
...@@ -241,17 +241,6 @@ describe 'rsyslog::default' do ...@@ -241,17 +241,6 @@ describe 'rsyslog::default' do
end end
end end
context 'syslog service on rhel 5' do
let(:chef_run) do 'centos', version: '5.11').converge(described_recipe)
it 'stops and starts the syslog service on RHEL' do
expect(chef_run).to stop_service('syslog')
expect(chef_run).to disable_service('syslog')
context 'system-log service' do context 'system-log service' do
let(:chef_run) do let(:chef_run) do 'smartos', version: '5.11').converge(described_recipe) 'smartos', version: '5.11').converge(described_recipe)
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