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release v1.3.0

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## v1.3.0:
* [COOK-1189] - template change does not restart rsyslog on Ubuntu
This actually went into 1.2.0 with action `:reload`, but that change
has been reverted and the action is back to `:restart`.
## v1.2.0:
* [COOK-1678] - syslog user does not exist on debian 6.0 and ubuntu
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs and configures rsyslog"
long_description, ''))
version "1.2.0"
version "1.3.0"
recipe "rsyslog", "Installs rsyslog"
recipe "rsyslog::client", "Sets up a client to log to a remote rsyslog server"
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