Commit 37771edf authored by Tim Smith's avatar Tim Smith
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Stop syslog when on RHEL versions below 6

Otherwise rsyslog will fail to start up
parent c9ecbaed
......@@ -53,6 +53,13 @@ template "/etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf" do
notifies :restart, "service[#{node['rsyslog']['service_name']}]"
# syslog needs to be stopped before rsyslog can be started on RHEL versions before 6.0
if platform_family?('rhel') && node['platform_version'].to_i < 6
service "syslog" do
action [:stop, :disable]
service node['rsyslog']['service_name'] do
supports :restart => true, :reload => true, :status => true
action [:enable, :start]
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