Commit 36a7209e authored by Mihai Petracovici's avatar Mihai Petracovici
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Fix Rspec and test kitchen tests

parent 1839f1be
......@@ -15,8 +15,7 @@ module RsyslogCookbook
def declare_rsyslog_service
service_provider = 'ubuntu' == node['platform'] ? find_provider : nil
service 'rsyslog' do
service_name node['rsyslog']['service_name']
service node['rsyslog']['service_name'] do
supports :restart => true, :status => true
action [:enable, :start]
provider service_provider
require 'fileutils'
unless Dir.exist?("#{node['rsyslog']['config_prefix']}/rsyslog.d")
include_recipe 'rsyslog::server'
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