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    Don't enforce_idempotency · dcdc3d6c
    Michael Klishin authored
    This is a nice idea in theory and a truly terrible one to my productivity
    in practice: it makes 'kitchen converge' fail with hard to reason about
    "resource changed" errors that involve resources such as
    'directory[/etc/rabbitmq]'. Unless practically relevant
    issues with recipe idempotency are found, I'd take a productive
    development flow over hours spend troubleshooting
    'kitchen converge' runs that are non-idempotent according
    to the Chef resource change tracker.
    Note that we do preserve multiple runs per convergence, which should
    weed out obvious practical issues with non-idempotency of our recipes.
    References #555.
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    Explain · 12e24c44
    Michael Klishin authored
......@@ -12,7 +12,9 @@ transport:
name: dokken
multiple_converge: 2
enforce_idempotency: true
# this is an awful productivity killer,
# see rabbitmq/chef-cookbook#555
enforce_idempotency: false
# chef_log_level: debug