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Standardise Danger (#111)

This commit will standardise the dangerfile and bring it in line with all other repositories
parent 96fa125c
# Reference:
# A pull request summary is required. Add a description of the pull request purpose.
# Add labels to the pull request in github to identify the type of change.
# Changelog must be updated for each pull request.
# Changelog must be updated for each pull request that changes code.
# Warnings will be issued for:
# Pull request with more than 400 lines of code changed
# Pull reqest that change more than 5 lines without test changes
# Failures will be issued for:
# Pull request without summary
# Pull requests with code changes without changelog entry
def code_changes?
code = %w(libraries attributes recipes resources)
code = %w(libraries attributes recipes resources files templates)
code.each do |location|
return true unless git.modified_files.grep(/#{location}/).empty?
......@@ -29,7 +31,7 @@ warn 'This is a big Pull Request.' if git.lines_of_code > 400
# Require a CHANGELOG entry for non-test changes.
if !git.modified_files.include?('') && code_changes?
fail 'Please include a [CHANGELOG]( entry.'
fail 'Please include a CHANGELOG entry.'
# A sanity check for tests.
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