Commit 5f3f467f authored by Evan Gilman's avatar Evan Gilman
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Add knob to disable ossec.conf generation

parent 75b00408
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ Default values are based on the defaults from OSSEC's own installatio
* `node['ossec']['logs']` - Array of log files to analyze. Default is an empty array. These are in addition to the default logs in the ossec.conf.erb template.
* `node['ossec']['syscheck_freq']` - Frequency that syscheck is executed, default 22 hours (79200 seconds)
* `node['ossec']['server']['maxagents']` - Maximum number of agents, default setting is 256, but will be set to 1024 in the ossec::server recipe if used. Add as an override attribute in the `ossec_server` role if more nodes are required.
* `node['ossec']['disable_config_generation']` - Boolean that dictates whether this cookbook should drop the ossec.conf template or not. This is useful if you're using a wrapper cookbook and would like to generate your own template.
The `user` attributes are used to populate the config file (ossec.conf) and preload values for the installation script.
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ default['ossec']['version'] = "2.7"
default['ossec']['url'] = "{node['ossec']['version']}.tar.gz"
default['ossec']['logs'] = []
default['ossec']['syscheck_freq'] = 79200
default['ossec']['disable_config_generation'] = false
# server-only
default['ossec']['server']['maxagents'] = 256
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ template "#{node['ossec']['user']['dir']}/etc/ossec.conf" do
mode 0440
variables(:ossec => node['ossec']['user'])
notifies :restart, "service[ossec]"
not_if { node['ossec']['disable_config_generation'] }
case node['platform']
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