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    Cookstyle Bot Auto Corrections with Cookstyle 6.18.8 · eda86aef
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    This change is automatically generated by the Cookstyle Bot using the latest version of Cookstyle (6.18.8). Adopting changes suggested by Cookstyle improves cookbook readability, avoids common coding mistakes, and eases upgrades to newer versions of the Chef Infra Client.
    ### Style/ExpandPathArguments
      - **/spec/unit/recipes/agent_spec.rb:5**: Use `expand_path('../../../test/fixtures/data_bags', __dir__)` instead of `expand_path('../../../../test/fixtures/data_bags', __FILE__)`.
      - **/spec/unit/recipes/client_spec.rb:5**: Use `expand_path('../../../test/fixtures/data_bags', __dir__)` instead of `expand_path('../../../../test/fixtures/data_bags', __FILE__)`.
      - **/spec/unit/recipes/server_spec.rb:5**: Use `expand_path('../../../test/fixtures/data_bags', __dir__)` instead of `expand_path('../../../../test/fixtures/data_bags', __FILE__)`.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarCookstyle <>
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