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MDL fixes

Signed-off-by: default avatarLance Albertson <>
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rules "~MD013", "~MD024", "~MD025"
......@@ -41,17 +41,20 @@ This file is used to list changes made in each version of the erlang cookbook.
- Add of a new attribute toggling EPEL repo installation.
## 4.1.1 (2017-03-01)
- Fix packaging issue related to nox package on Ubuntu 16.04+
- Cookstyle fixes
- Loosen up the yum dependency
## 4.1.0 (2016-12-22)
- Replace BATS tests with InSpec
- Fix package and source installs for Fedora and openSUSE
- Update source version to 19.2
- Improved version check for source install guard
## 4.0.0 (2016-09-16)
- Testing updates
- Remove traces of minitest handler from the code
- Require Chef 12.1+ and use multipackage for installs
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