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revert back to install.ps1 instead of direct nupkg and use...

revert back to install.ps1 instead of direct nupkg and use chocolateyProxyLocation variable to set proxy
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# Changelog for Chocolatey cookbook
### Unreleased
* Refactored install script (and .kitchen.yml) to support installing Chocolatey
in test-kitchen behind a proxy.
* Remove `node['chocolatey']['Uri']` attribute. Instead, install by downloading
the chocolatey.nupkg directly via Chef's `remote_file` resource. This lets users
install via Chef client.rb proxy settings instead of inheriting Internet Explorer
proxy settings.
### v0.5.0 (2015-11-06)
* Refactored install script (and .kitchen.yml) to support installing Chocolatey in test-kitchen behind a proxy.
* Download `node['chocolatey']['Uri']` via `remote_file` resource instead of .net web client
* Set `chocolateyProxyLocation` environment variable to `Chef::Config['https_proxy']` if one is set before chocolatey install
* Changed helpers module namespacing from: `ChocolateyHelpers` to `Chocolatey::Helpers`
* Add ChefSpec unit tests
* Add ServerSpec integration tests
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ More information can be gotten from the [Chocolateywiki](
# Attributes
* `node['chocolatey']['nupkg']['url']` - Defaults to `''`
* `node['chocolatey']['url']` - Defaults to `''`
* `node['chocolatey']['upgrade']` - Defaults to `true`.
# Recipes
default['chocolatey']['nupkg']['url'] = ''
default['chocolatey']['url'] = ''
default['chocolatey']['upgrade'] = true
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ maintainer_email ''
license 'Apache 2.0'
description 'Install chocolatey and packages on Windows'
long_description 'Installs the Chocolatey package manager for Windows and provides a Chef resource for installing nuget packages from'
version '0.4.1'
version '1.0.0'
source_url ''
issues_url ''
......@@ -22,40 +22,27 @@ unless node['platform_family'] == 'windows'
return "Chocolatey install not supported on #{node['platform_family']}"
Chef::Resource::RubyBlock.send(:include, Chocolatey::Helpers)
Chef::Resource::RemoteFile.send(:include, Chocolatey::Helpers)
Chef::Resource.send(:include, Chocolatey::Helpers)
NUGET_PKG = 'chocolatey.nupkg'
nuget_package_path = File.join(Chef::Config['file_cache_path'], NUGET_PKG)
extract_dir = File.join(ENV['TEMP'], 'chocolatey')
install_ps1 = File.join(Chef::Config['file_cache_path'], 'install.ps1')
install_ps1 = File.join(extract_dir, 'tools', 'chocolateyInstall.ps1')
remote_file nuget_package_path do
source node['chocolatey']['nupkg']['url']
remote_file install_ps1 do
source node['chocolatey']['url']
backup false
notifies :unzip, "windows_zipfile[#{extract_dir}]", :immediately
notifies :run, 'ruby_block[set proxy]', :immediately
notifies :run, 'powershell_script[Install Chocolatey]', :immediately
notifies :run, 'ruby_block[Ensure chocolatey.nupkg is in chocolatey/lib/chocolatey/]', :immediately
not_if { chocolatey_installed? && (node['chocolatey']['upgrade'] == false) }
windows_zipfile extract_dir do
ruby_block 'set proxy' do
action :nothing
source nuget_package_path
overwrite true
block do
ENV['chocolateyProxyLocation'] = Chef::Config['https_proxy'] if Chef::Config['https_proxy']
powershell_script 'Install Chocolatey' do
action :nothing
cwd File.join(extract_dir, 'tools')
cwd Chef::Config['file_cache_path']
code install_ps1
ruby_block 'Ensure chocolatey.nupkg is in chocolatey/lib/chocolatey/' do
action :nothing
block do
require 'fileutils'
FileUtils.cp(nuget_package_path, chocolatey_lib_dir)
......@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@ RSpec.describe 'chocolatey::default' do
cached(:windows_node) do
# use call original as per
allow(ENV).to receive(:[]).and_call_original
allow(ENV).to receive(:[]).with('TEMP').and_return('c:/windows/temp')
allow(ENV).to receive(:fetch).with('ChocolateyInstall').and_return('C:\ProgramData\chocolatey')
......@@ -11,63 +10,43 @@ RSpec.describe 'chocolatey::default' do
let(:nuget_package_path) do
let(:install_ps1) do
Chef::Config['file_cache_path'], 'chocolatey.nupkg'
Chef::Config['file_cache_path'], 'install.ps1'
let(:downloaded_package) { windows_node.remote_file(nuget_package_path) }
let(:extract_dir) { 'c:/windows/temp/chocolatey' }
let(:windows_zipfile) { windows_node.windows_zipfile(extract_dir) }
let(:downloaded_package) { windows_node.remote_file(install_ps1) }
let(:powershell_script) { windows_node.powershell_script('Install Chocolatey') }
let(:ruby_block) { windows_node.ruby_block('Ensure chocolatey.nupkg is in chocolatey/lib/chocolatey/') }
let(:ruby_block) { windows_node.ruby_block('set proxy') }
it 'Downloads the latest chocolatey.nupkg to the file_cache_path' do
expect(windows_node).to create_remote_file(nuget_package_path).with(
source: '',
it 'Downloads the chocolatey install.ps1 to the file_cache_path' do
expect(windows_node).to create_remote_file(install_ps1).with(
source: '',
backup: false
it 'remote_file notifies windows_zipfile to unzip the downloaded Chocolatey package' do
expect(downloaded_package).to notify("windows_zipfile[#{extract_dir}]").to(:unzip).immediately
it 'remote_file notifies powershell_script to run the Chocolatey install script' do
expect(downloaded_package).to notify('powershell_script[Install Chocolatey]').to(:run).immediately
it 'remote_file notifies ruby_block to mv chocolatey.nupkg to lib/chocolatey/' do
it 'remote_file notifies ruby_block to set chocolatey proxy variables' do
expect(downloaded_package).to notify(
'ruby_block[Ensure chocolatey.nupkg is in chocolatey/lib/chocolatey/]'
'ruby_block[set proxy]'
it 'windows_zipfile does not unzip the Chocolatey package unless notified' do
expect(windows_zipfile).to do_nothing
it 'windows_zipfile overwrites the extract directory' do
expect(windows_zipfile.overwrite).to eql(true)
it "windows_zipfile extracts from Chef's file_cache_path to %TEMP%/chocolatey directory" do
expect(windows_zipfile.source).to eq('c:/chef/cache/chocolatey.nupkg')
expect(windows_zipfile.path).to eq('c:/windows/temp/chocolatey')
it 'powershell_script does not install Chocolatey unless a new chocolatey.nupkg has been downloaded' do
it 'powershell_script does not install Chocolatey unless a new install.ps1 has been downloaded' do
expect(powershell_script).to do_nothing
it 'runs the chocolateyInstall.ps1 script from the extracted Chocolatey tools directory' do
expect(powershell_script.cwd).to eq('c:/windows/temp/chocolatey/tools')
expect(powershell_script.code).to eq('c:/windows/temp/chocolatey/tools/chocolateyInstall.ps1')
it 'runs the install.ps1 script from the chef file cache directory' do
expect(powershell_script.cwd).to eq('c:/chef/cache')
expect(powershell_script.code).to eq('c:/chef/cache/install.ps1')
it 'ruby_block does not run chocolatey.nupkg file mv unless notified' do
it 'ruby_block does not set proxy unless notified' do
expect(ruby_block).to do_nothing
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