Commit 158e4c84 authored by Torben Knerr's avatar Torben Knerr
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fix the "--installargs" parameter by using "--ia" instead of "-ia"

"-ia" does not seem to be accepted by newer choco versions, but "--ia" does
parent db1fbf16
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ end
def cmd_args
output = ''
output += " -source #{@current_resource.source}" if @current_resource.source
output += " -ia '#{@current_resource.args}'" unless @current_resource.args.to_s.empty?
output += " --ia '#{@current_resource.args}'" unless @current_resource.args.to_s.empty?
@current_resource.options.each do |k, v|
output += " -#{k}"
output += " #{v}" if v
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