Commit f32fe048 authored by danielsdeleo's avatar danielsdeleo
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Don't change content type in Chef::REST if one was provided

parent fe1fd66b
......@@ -447,7 +447,7 @@ class Chef
headers = @default_headers.merge(headers)
#headers['Accept'] = "application/json" unless raw
headers['Accept'] = "application/json" unless raw
headers["Content-Type"] = 'application/json' if json_body
headers["Content-Type"] = 'application/json' if json_body && !"content-type")
headers['Content-Length'] = json_body.bytesize.to_s if json_body
headers[RESTRequest::ACCEPT_ENCODING] = RESTRequest::ENCODING_GZIP_DEFLATE unless gzip_disabled?
headers.merge!(authentication_headers(method, url, json_body)) if sign_requests?
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