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Update the help topics based on changed man pages.

parent 58d9699f
# Do not edit this file by hand
# This file is autogenerated by the docs:list rake task from the available manpages
HELP_TOPICS = ["chef-shell", "knife-bootstrap", "knife-client", "knife-configure", "knife-cookbook-site", "knife-cookbook", "knife-data-bag", "knife-delete", "knife-deps", "knife-diff", "knife-download", "knife-edit", "knife-environment", "knife-exec", "knife-index-rebuild", "knife-index", "knife-list", "knife-node", "knife-raw", "knife-recipe-list", "knife-role", "knife-search", "knife-show", "knife-ssh", "knife-status", "knife-tag", "knife-upload", "knife-user", "knife-xargs", "knife"]
HELP_TOPICS = ["chef-shell", "knife-bootstrap", "knife-client", "knife-configure", "knife-cookbook-site", "knife-cookbook", "knife-data-bag", "knife-delete", "knife-deps", "knife-diff", "knife-download", "knife-edit", "knife-environment", "knife-exec", "knife-index-rebuild", "knife-list", "knife-node", "knife-raw", "knife-recipe-list", "knife-role", "knife-search", "knife-show", "knife-ssh", "knife-status", "knife-tag", "knife-upload", "knife-user", "knife-xargs", "knife"]
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
class Chef
CHEF_ROOT = File.dirname(File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)))
VERSION = '11.10.0.alpha.0'
VERSION = '11.8.0.rc.0'
# NOTE: the Chef::Version class is defined in version_class.rb
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