Commit 9f265a6d authored by Thomas Dudziak's avatar Thomas Dudziak Committed by Bryan McLellan
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Fixes CHEF-3455: Add commandline options to allow scripting of knife configure --initial

parent f4629cad
......@@ -42,6 +42,22 @@ class Chef
:boolean => true,
:description => "Create an initial API Client"
option :admin_client_name,
:long => "--admin_client_name NAME",
:description => "The existing admin clientname (usually chef-webui)"
option :admin_client_key,
:long => "--admin_client_key PATH",
:description => "The path to the admin client's private key (usually a file named webui.pem)"
option :validation_client_name,
:long => "--validation_client_name NAME",
:description => "The validation clientname (usually chef-validator)"
option :validation_key,
:long => "--validation_key PATH",
:description => "The location of the location of the validation key (usually a file named validation.pem)"
def configure_chef
# We are just faking out the system so that you can do this without a key specified
Chef::Config[:node_name] = 'woot'
......@@ -120,14 +136,17 @@ EOH
@new_client_name = config[:node_name] || ask_question("Please enter a clientname for the new client: ", :default => Etc.getlogin)
@admin_client_name = config[:admin_client_name] || ask_question("Please enter the existing admin clientname: ", :default => 'chef-webui')
@admin_client_key = config[:admin_client_key] || ask_question("Please enter the location of the existing admin client's private key: ", :default => '/etc/chef/webui.pem')
@admin_client_key = File.expand_path(@admin_client_key)
@new_client_name = config[:node_name] || ask_question("Please enter an existing username or clientname for the API: ", :default => Etc.getlogin)
@validation_client_name = config[:validation_client_name] || ask_question("Please enter the validation clientname: ", :default => 'chef-validator')
@validation_key = config[:validation_key] || ask_question("Please enter the location of the validation key: ", :default => '/etc/chef/validation.pem')
@validation_key = File.expand_path(@validation_key)
@chef_repo = config[:repository] || ask_question("Please enter the path to a chef repository (or leave blank): ")
@new_client_key = config[:client_key] || File.join(chef_config_path, "#{@new_client_name}.pem")
@new_client_key = File.expand_path(@new_client_key)
def guess_servername
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