Commit 8ec6d971 authored by Bryan McLellan's avatar Bryan McLellan
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CHEF-3455 use dashes in options parsed by mixlib-cli

parent c88a0d69
......@@ -43,19 +43,19 @@ class Chef
:description => "Create an initial API Client"
option :admin_client_name,
:long => "--admin_client_name NAME",
:long => "--admin-client-name NAME",
:description => "The existing admin clientname (usually chef-webui)"
option :admin_client_key,
:long => "--admin_client_key PATH",
:long => "--admin-client-key PATH",
:description => "The path to the admin client's private key (usually a file named webui.pem)"
option :validation_client_name,
:long => "--validation_client_name NAME",
:long => "--validation-client-name NAME",
:description => "The validation clientname (usually chef-validator)"
option :validation_key,
:long => "--validation_key PATH",
:long => "--validation-key PATH",
:description => "The location of the location of the validation key (usually a file named validation.pem)"
def configure_chef
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