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Add scripts to run the specs on Jenkins.

parent e986fc3e
set PATH=C:\Ruby192\bin;%PATH%
ruby -v
call bundle install --binstubs --without docgen --path vendor/bundle || ( call rm Gemfile.lock && call bundle install --binstubs --path vendor/bundle )
ruby bin\rspec -r rspec_junit_formatter -f RspecJunitFormatter -o test.xml -f documentation spec/functional spec/unit spec/stress
REM Return the error level from rspec
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin
ruby -v;
# remove the Gemfile.lock and try again if bundler fails.
# This should take care of Gemfile changes that result in "bad" bundles without forcing us to rebundle every time
bundle install --without docgen --path vendor/bundle || ( rm Gemfile.lock && bundle install --path vendor/bundle )
bundle exec rspec -r rspec_junit_formatter -f RspecJunitFormatter -o test.xml -f documentation spec;
# exit with the result of running rspec
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