Unverified Commit 44359d00 authored by Marc A. Paradise's avatar Marc A. Paradise
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Disable Dnf tests for fedora

This is temporary until we can track down why they're running
long enough to consistently timeout.

See also chef/11414
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarc A. Paradise <marc.paradise@gmail.com>
parent b6820f34
......@@ -19,7 +19,10 @@ require "spec_helper"
require "chef/mixin/shell_out"
# run this test only for following platforms.
exclude_test = !(%w{rhel fedora amazon}.include?(ohai[:platform_family]) && File.exist?("/usr/bin/dnf"))
# TODO: 2021-04-23 we removed 'fedora' from this list because our fedora functional tests
# are consistently timing out in BuildKite. Once we've addressed this (see issue chef/11414)
# we will re-add the platform.
exclude_test = !(%w{rhel amazon}.include?(ohai[:platform_family]) && File.exist?("/usr/bin/dnf"))
describe Chef::Resource::DnfPackage, :requires_root, external: exclude_test do
include Chef::Mixin::ShellOut
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