Commit 356512f3 authored by Daniel DeLeo's avatar Daniel DeLeo
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document more methods in ShellOut base class

parent fa5d75cc
......@@ -147,15 +147,21 @@ module Mixlib
@command = command_args.size == 1 ? command_args.first : command_args
# Set the umask that the subprocess will have. If given as a string, it
# will be converted to an integer by String#oct.
def umask=(new_umask)
@umask = (new_umask.respond_to?(:oct) ? new_umask.oct : new_umask.to_i) & 007777
# The uid that the subprocess will switch to. If the user attribute was
# given as a username, it is converted to a uid by Etc.getpwnam
def uid
return nil unless user
user.kind_of?(Integer) ? user : Etc.getpwnam(user.to_s).uid
# The gid that the subprocess will switch to. If the group attribute is
# given as a group name, it is converted to a gid by Etc.getgrnam
def gid
return nil unless group
group.kind_of?(Integer) ? group : Etc.getgrnam(group.to_s).gid
......@@ -178,6 +184,9 @@ module Mixlib
# The exit status of the subprocess. Will be nil if the command is still
# running or died without setting an exit status (e.g., terminated by
# `kill -9`).
def exitstatus
@status && @status.exitstatus
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