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......@@ -11,6 +11,28 @@ This section serves to track things we should later document here for 17.0
- remove support for RHEL 6 i386 / Ubuntu 16.04
- don't write out node['filesystem2'] data on AIX/Solaris/FreeBSD:
## What's New in 16.9.29
### Chef InSpec 4.25.1
Chef InSpec has been updated from 4.24.8 to 4.25.1:
- OpenSSH Client on Windows can now be tested with the ssh_config and sshd_config resources. Thanks [@rgeissert](!
- The `--reporter-message-truncation` option now also truncates the `code_desc` field, preventing failures sending large reports to Automate.
### Bug Fixes
- Resolved failures running chef-client on some Windows systems.
- Compliance Phase: Improved detection of the `audit` cookbook being used for compliance reporting.
- chef-shell: Added support for loading configs in `client.d` directories - Thanks [@jaymzh](!
- Duplicate gems in our packaging have been removed to further shrink the package sizes and improve load time.
## What's New in 16.9.20
- Updated the package resource on FreeBSD to work with recent changes to the pkgng executable. Thanks [@mrtazz](
- Added a missing dependency in the chef-zero binary that could cause failures running chef-zero.
- Resolved failures running the audit cookbook from our yet to be fully released Chef Infra Compliance Phase. As it turns out this dark launch was not as dark as we had hoped.
## What's New in 16.9
### Knife Improvements
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