Commit bc2b2209 authored by Yann Mahe's avatar Yann Mahe

[dd-agent][windows] install per user → per machine

Set `ALLUSERS=1` to force install Datadog Agent on Windows per machine
rather than per user.

This avoid having multiple versions of Datadog Agent installed or
overriding whenever chef-client is run by different users.

This causes no backward incompatibility as Datadog Agent is always
removed before a new install.
parent 4e59a32c
......@@ -35,6 +35,6 @@ end
# Install the package
windows_package 'Datadog Agent' do
source temp_file
options %(APIKEY="#{node['datadog']['api_key']}" HOSTNAME="#{node['hostname']}" TAGS="#{node['tags'].join(',')}")
options %(ALLUSERS=1 APIKEY="#{node['datadog']['api_key']}" HOSTNAME="#{node['hostname']}" TAGS="#{node['tags'].join(',')}")
action :install
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