Unverified Commit 0979fc2f authored by Albert Vaca Cintora's avatar Albert Vaca Cintora Committed by GitHub

Do not allow passing NPM=false (#781)

It's not supported by the installer. Do not passe anything instead.
parent 0a7a4d71
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ else
install_options.concat(' DDAGENTUSER_NAME=%DDAGENTUSER_NAME%') if ddagentuser_name
install_options.concat(' DDAGENTUSER_PASSWORD=%DDAGENTUSER_PASSWORD%') if ddagentuser_password
install_options.concat(" NPM=#{dd_agent_install_npm}") unless dd_agent_install_npm.nil?
install_options.concat(" NPM=#{dd_agent_install_npm}") if dd_agent_install_npm
package 'Datadog Agent removal' do
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