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release v1.5.0

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## v1.5.0:
**NOTE** The `mod_auth_openid` attributes are changed. The upstream
maintainer deprecated the older release versions, and the source
repository has releases available at specific SHA1SUM references.
The new attribute, `node['apache']['mod_auth_openid']['ref']` is
used to set this.
* [COOK-2198] - `apache::mod_auth_openid` compiles from source, but
does not install make on debian/ubuntu
* [COOK-2224] - version conflict between cucumber and other gems
* [COOK-2248] - `apache2::mod_php5` uses `not_if` "which php" without
ensuring package 'which' is installed
* [COOK-2269] - Set allow list for mod_status incase external monitor scripts need
* [COOK-2276] - cookbook apache2 documentation regarding listening
ports doesn't match default attributes
* [COOK-2296] - `mod_auth_openid` doesn't have tags/releases for the
version I need for features and fixes
* [COOK-2323] - Add Oracle linux support
## v1.4.2:
* [COOK-1721] - fix logrotate recipe
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs and configures all aspects of apache2 using Debian style symlinks with helper definitions"
long_description, ''))
version "1.4.2"
version "1.5.0"
recipe "apache2", "Main Apache configuration"
recipe "apache2::logrotate", "Rotate apache2 logs. Requires logrotate cookbook"
recipe "apache2::mod_alias", "Apache module 'alias' with config file"
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