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    Fix apache2_mod_auth_cas resource for all supported platforms · 15dc19b4
    Lance Albertson authored
    This resolves #735.
    - Fix apache devel package name on SUSE platforms
    - Fix `libexec_dir` variable in `auth_cas.load` template
    - Add Integration tests for `apache2_mod_auth_cas` resource
    - Add docs for `apache2_mod_auth_cas`
    - Add `:source_checksum`, `:login_url`, `:validate_url` properties to `apache2_mod_auth_cas` resource
    - Allow `apache2_mod_auth_cas` resource to be nameless
    - Update `mod_auth_cas` source version to 1.2 and other various updates for source installations
    - Install `mod_auth_cas` by source on CentOS 8 and SUSE platforms (distro package is not currently available)
    - Include yum-epel recipe on RHEL/Amazon platforms
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLance Albertson <lance@osuosl.org>